WONDR Experience - Hello Amsterdam (2023)


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Beste van Amsterdam

Beste van Amsterdam

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Step into the first artistic playground for adults. Enter a world of colour and sensation, covered in confetti

Posing in front of your own phone lens, duck-faced with two fingers in the air, you make the most beautiful snapshots, gifs and boomerangs in the most spectacular spaces. From a cotton candy pink marshmallow pool and a three-dimensional painting, to a mirror maze and a room completely turned upside down. Welcome to the ‘Instagram Museum’ phenomenon. An interactive experience where it’s not Vincent’s self-portrait or an original Rembrandt that shines in the spotlight, but you. Literally.

Within the wondrous walls of this selfie eldorado, your wildest Insta dreams come to life. This playground is therefore also a huge hit. Especially among adults. Museum Voorlinden was secretly the forerunner of this trend with its famous Swimming Pool. Still, some museums are doing everything they can to suppress the selfie urge. For example, the Van Gogh Museum came up with separate selfie walls and in America you even get in trouble with Disney when you wave around a selfie stick for a photo with your beloved Disney character. One thing is certain: you can no longer ignore the current selfie culture. And these ‘experience museums’ are cleverly responding to this. But: can we really call them ‘museums’? Why are the selfie museums so popular? And what does this mean for traditional museums, such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh? To find out, we talked to the makers.

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WONDR Experience was founded by Sarah Mendes, who thought it was time for a place where adults can express their creativity.

How did you come up with the idea for WONDR?

“I’m a marketer and I’ve worked a lot with the millennial audience. I’ve been researching the experience trend for a while and the millennials are known for wanting to experience much more than buy. Many different experiences have been developed worldwide with a focus on this generation. I went to investigate; a month in America and a month in Asia. For example, I made a mix of different concepts that I encountered. I have certainly included the Instagram factor in this, which is also very clear when you are here. Everything is super colourful and Instagrammable. But what we have done very differently at WONDR is to create that playground structure.”

“Pink Beach is WONDR’s new pop-up beach bar: a surreal tropical oasis designed for summer fun. Experience the magical vibes of the pink beach while sipping a cocktail or taking a dip in the ball pool. Gather your friends and raise a glass between the palm trees on the sunny terrace.”

You deliberately don’t call WONDR an Instagram museum, but an ‘experience.’ Why?

“We don’t really focus on Instagram and taking photos at all. We see WONDR as a playground for adults, where we create a 360-degree experience with interactive spaces full of playful (tangible) elements. Like our marshmallow pool. It’s certainly nice for the photo, but we designed the marshmallows ourselves, for example. They are soft ‘squishies’ that feel and smell like real marshmallows. In this way we try to create a complete experience. We see the photos and videos more as a souvenir of your visit. If you want to enjoy the experience without a phone, that’s also possible. We can email you the photos afterwards. With WONDR, we want to let adults play the way they used to. Without boundaries, limits, shame or fear of what others think of you.”

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Do you call WONDR a museum?

“No, we are certainly not a museum. A museum has a completely different function; preserving and displaying art. That is not the intention of WONDR at all. We do work with young, local artists for every space. For example, we transformed a room into one large colouring book, which we had drawn by an Amsterdam artist. You can colour the walls with pens that are 1.5 metres long.”

“In addition to WONDR Experience and Pink Beach, Roller Dreams recently opened, a hypnotic world of glitter and neon where you can be transported on roller skates to the roller-skating scene of the 80s with its vibrant energy and dreamy looks.”

(Video) WONDR EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam!!

What do you think is the difference with ‘real’ Instagram museums?

“We were the first experience museum in the Netherlands. Now there are some competitors in the market, but they focus more on creating content – ​​something we are definitely not involved in. For example, we don’t have changing rooms. We have deliberately chosen this because we do not want to be a photo studio like most Instagram museums, with well-thought-out spaces full of photo opportunities, specifically designed for content creators. WONDR is for everyone, whether you are active on social media or not. It’s about having fun with your friends. The photos and videos you take here are more fun memories.” What feeling do you want to evoke in the visitor? “Our intention was always to be able to offer a sense of ‘escapism’, to live in a dream, to get into a completely different vibe. And it worked. The experience we create here together with our team is unique. Everyone is trained to get people into a happy and playful mindset, but the order of the rooms is also constructed in a specific way. The level of interaction builds up slowly, until you’re comfortable enough to shamelessly dive into the ball pool. You cannot just copy that experience by placing some items in a few rooms.”

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WONDR Experience is constantly evolving. What’s new this year?

“Pink Beach is a pop-up beach where the sun always shines. A tropical oasis with beach bar and sun terrace with beach chairs, pink sand, tropical palm trees and a huge ball pit. Mainly intended for an adult audience. In addition, we recently opened Roller Dreams, a roller skate experience where music and dance come together in an imaginative disco paradise.”


WONDR Experience

Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

Maandag 11:00–19:00
Dinsdag 11:00–19:00
Woensdag 11:00–19:00
Donderdag 11:00–19:00
Vrijdag 11:00–19:00
Zaterdag 11:00–19:00
Zondag 11:00–19:00


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Beste van Amsterdam


WONDR Experience

Meeuwenlaan 88, Amsterdam

Ma 11:00–19:00
Di 11:00–19:00
Wo 11:00–19:00
Do 11:00–19:00
Vr 11:00–19:00
Za 11:00–19:00
Zo 11:00–19:00

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How long is the Wondr experience? ›

How long does it usually take to go through WONDR? It varies for each guest, but a visit lasts 90 minutes on average.

What is Wonder experience? ›

About. WONDR is an immersive pop-up experience that blends visual magic with boundless creativity. A confetti- sprinkled playground of color and sensation designed by some of Amsterdam's most creative minds.

What comes in the welcome kit for Wondr? ›

Download the Wondr app to take our program on-the-go. Once you've been accepted into the program, we'll mail out a welcome kit complete with tools and encouragement. The welcome kit includes our program journal, snacks for a mindful eating exercise, tape measure, reminder wristband, and motivational magnets.

How much is the Wondr app? ›

You can pay for the Wondr Health program either monthly or annually. Pricing details are as follows: Monthly: $80 per month. Annually: $820 per year ($68.33 per month)

How long does it take to go through the Wonder Museum in Chicago? ›

Yes, 1-2 hours, maybe longer if with small children. over a year ago.

Is Wondr a good program? ›

Does Wondr Health work? A 2022 study found that many participants using Wondr Health experienced weight loss, as well as improved energy levels, mood, sleep quality, and self-confidence. The participants in this study also had less indigestion and musculoskeletal pain after using this program.

How does the Wondr program work? ›

Wondr Health is a 10-week, online program that uses weekly video lessons and interactive tools to teach the behavioral skills necessary to lose weight and keep it off long-term. Each week, you will watch lessons at your convenience on your computer, smartphone or tablet through the iPhone or Android apps.

What is inside a welcome pack? ›

In your welcome packet, you can break down the details of your payment processes and options. If your clients are on a payment plan, then you should also include the due dates for future payments and how they can be paid. Including due dates is a good reminder for your clients and will help you to get paid on time.

Is Wondr like Noom? ›

It's All in Your Head. The biggest part of Wondr and Noom is the whole psychology part. Much different from the diets of old that just said, “Eat this, not that… and be miserable the rest of your life.” Both Wondr and Noom try to get to the root cause of what you eat and why you eat what you do.

What is H2Orange diet? ›

Drink H2Orange (1 Ounce of pure orange juice to 7ounces of water)* slowly and continually from the time you wake up to noon, then eat two balanced meals for the rest of the day. Drink 2 protein shakes (25 – 50 grams of protein each) for your meals and eat one balanced meal.

How is Wondr different from naturally slim? ›

Naturally Slim sounded like a diet, which we are not.

No points, plans or counting calories, Wondr is a behavioral change program that encourages participants to enjoy the foods they love while improving their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

How long do people spend at WNDR? ›

Please arrive promptly at your reservation time. Early entry is not permitted; and if you are more than fifteen minutes late to your reservation time, we cannot guarantee, and may deny, your admission. Allow approximately one (1) hour to complete the museum experience.

Do you need to be vaccinated to go to museums in Chicago? ›

In accordance with the City of Chicago's updated guidelines, the Field Museum no longer requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or masks for museum visitors. However, we strongly encourage all of our guests to wear masks while in the building. Some exceptions may apply for museum events.

Are backpacks allowed in the Field Museum? ›

Please only bring bags and coats that you can carry with you. The Field Museum is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or unclaimed items.

What is welcome kit? ›

What is a welcome kit? A welcome kit is a way to give new clients or new employees information about your business. It's a way to establish a relationship with new hires who are joining your company by giving them expectations of what your brand and mission is all about.

What is a credit card Welcome Kit? ›

The welcome kit should first and foremost serve as a guide to help the cardholder get the most out of their credit cards. For example, Bank of America and U.S. Bank relied on step-by-step guides and checklists to make the learning curve less steep, allowing customers to start using the card efficiently right away.

What is an onboarding kit? ›

An onboarding or “welcome” kit is a curated package of gifts and office supplies that help introduce new hires to your company's culture and brand. Include the kit in your pre-onboarding process or present it as a fun surprise on their first day.


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