The Best Hair Salons for NJ Kids (2023)

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Children’s haircuts can be a scary and stressful experience for kids and their parents. For some children, a traditional hair salon won’t fit the bill as the shop and stylists may not be in tune with their needs. We’re here to help with a list of the state’s best hair salons that cater especially to kids. These stylists can handle anything that little ones throw their way, distracting tykes from the snipping and shearing with fun chairs, video games, TV and more.

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A Kids Hair Co.

Location: 1206 Route 35 South, Ocean
Details: This bright and inviting salon definitely entertains your child during his haircut. You’ll find appropriately-sized styling chairs, themed stations with a TV and DVD player or video game stations for those who want to play during their trim. They also offer a full range of services for teenagers and parents. For the first haircut, they’ll give you a keepsake certificate and a lock of your child’s hair. They also welcome children with special needs.
Why I like it: Products used at the salon are tailored to kids, like the lice defense products and the Little Greens safe and gentle hair care line.
More info: or call 732-517-0222

Kids ‘N Adults Hair Salon

Location: 1055A Raritan Road, Clark
Details: Formerly All About Kids & Teens, this locally-owned hair salon caters to the whole family. And thanks to its location within the Clark Village Mall (just a few shops down from its previous location), you can cram all your errands into one outing. They pledge to keep little ones entertained with DVDs, movies, video games and books. Adults and teens can pass the time at the Xbox 360 station or air hockey game. Birthday parties are available at the salon too.
Why I like it: Ask about their Hair 101 and Makeup 101 classes, where you can learn the basics from a pro!
More info: or call 732-388-4600

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Hair Flair

Location: 299 South Main Street, Flemington
Details: Hair Flair uses the safest techniques for kids, with stylists trained to provide a fun and relaxing experience. Children will love having their hair done in a fun character seat. And their kids’ room offers lots of toys and space to play. Your daughter can even have her birthday party here, where she’ll be treated like a princess for the day.
Why I like it: Get 20% off any hair service on your first visit!
More info: or call 908-751-5136

Just 4 Kids

Location: 720 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor, Hoboken
Details: Open since 2013, Just 4 Kids is the first comprehensive kids’ salon and spa in Hoboken. It boasts bright and cheerful colors, a clean space and a friendly staff. The waiting area includes a color chalk wall to draw on and free coffee for parents. Your child can get snipped in style in a chair featuring a working horn, pedals and motor. Each station features HDTVs equipped with tons of kids’ shows and movies. The salon also offers at-home lice treatment and removal services. (Call for details.)
Why I like it: A child’s first haircut is considered sacred in the Hindu faith, so stylists are specially trained to complete the Mundan ceremony for practicing patrons. Each first haircut package, no matter what faith, comes with a certificate, lock of hair, toy and an organic lollipop.
More info: or call 201-653-5887

Kids Hair Salon

Location: 292 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona
Details: Especially designed for kids, this salon promises that getting a haircut is more fun than recess! The televisions at every station will help your son or daughter feel right at home. To make a trim the best experience for your child, they also provide balloons, bubbles, toys, books, lollipops, video games and a play area.
Why I like it: What little kid wouldn’t want to sit in a race car chair while having his hair trimmed?
More info: or call 973-239-3828

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Little Details Salon

Location: 5 South Springfield Avenue, Springfield
Details: As its name says, this salon pays close attention to all the little details. If you have a child with special needs, they want the experience to be as positive and comfortable as possible. Schedule an appointment in their private room, come in during off hours or request a slightly longer visit. A game room features a Wii video game console, 110-inch screen TV and large play area with puzzles, coloring books and trains. You’ll also find Kindle Fire tablets to surf the Internet or play games, plus free Wi-Fi.
Why I like it: Most salons are closed on Sundays, but Little Details will open for special appointments if you call ahead.
More info: or call 973-467-7923

Rita’s Snips for Pips

Location: 20 South Broad Street, Ridgewood
Details: Owner Rita, a mother of three, has more than 30 years of kid-styling experience. All stations are equipped with televisions and Netflix for kids to watch as they sit in an airplane, fire truck, taxi or police car. Older ones can enjoy the teen room which features a big screen television with cable and an Xbox 360. There’s also a private room—equipped with a TV, Netflix and Xbox—that’s perfect for kids who’d like to sit with their parents or children with special needs.
Why I like it: The pips aren’t the only ones who can get the snips here. Adults can get their hair cut, too!
More info: or call 201-612-7477


Location: 395 Mount Hope Avenue, Rockaway
Details: When your child walks into this colorful salon, he or she will receive an adventure club card and be welcomed with an interactive sing-along video. During the cut, custom computer games and activities entertain kids. Meanwhile, you sit in the parent’s chair where you can consult with a specially-trained stylist. At the end of each cut, kids turn in their card to receive a prize. The salon also hosts children’s birthday parties complete with styling options, dress-up outfits and party favors.
Why I like it: Snip-its is a walk-in salon, so no appointment is necessary.
More info: or call 973-361-3600

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The Wave – Cuts 4 Kids

Location: 871 West Park Avenue, Ocean
Details: This family-owned salon cuts kids’ hair in a fun, enjoyable and safe environment. The salon is designed to keep children interested and distracted during their haircut. You’ll find flat screen televisions playing child-friendly movies, gaming stations, tablets filled with popular gaming apps and age-appropriate toys. At the end of every visit, kids can jump on a surfboard and take a picture in front of a giant wave. Each child leaves with a treat and sticker, too.
Why I like it: Children who donate 8” of hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program receive a discounted cut for just $10.
More info: or call 732-695-9283

Zayna’s Cuts for Kids

Location: 122 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes
Details: Stylists will work with you and your family to create the perfect ’do for a communion, wedding, recital, prom or other special event. Stylists are also familiar with cultural hair traditions. This salon knows the excitement surrounding a first haircut. Decide whether you want to keep the baby look with just a shaping or give your child a new style. You’ll get a certificate, along with a clip of the first locks.
Why I like it: Extended school year hours are perfect for busy families. On Wednesdays and Thursdays the salon stays open until 7:00 pm.
More info: or call 973-831-2390

Salon de Kids

Location: 660 Woodbury Glassboro Road, Sewell
Details: Brightly colored walls and furniture will greet you when you walk into Salon de Kids. Younger kids will love the vehicle or animal seats, while older kids have a room with TVs. Owner Sandy Bonomo has been in the hair business for years and has been catering to kids’ hair since 1994, the day she opened her salon.
Why I like it: With a 4.9 out of 5 rating from 82 reviewers on Facebook, this salon is one that makes its customers happy!
More info: or call 856-464-3886

Kids Kuts Voorhees

Location: 300 White Horse Road, Voorhees
Details: Kids Kuts has been trusted to take care of little ones’ hair for more than 27 years now. Skilled cosmetologists will give your kids the perfect cut while they relax in the specialty chairs and watch cartoons. Tweens and teens have a separate area with free wi-fi and age-appropriate magazines as well as music. Walk-ins are usually not able to be accomodated, so be sure to call ahead for an appointment.
Why I like it: Want a specific stylist? Check out the Facebook page to see each stylist’s hours for the month ahead so you can plan accordingly.
More info: or call 856-770-9292

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